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Re: Clean but Depressed PLEASE ADVISE

Norco. I had terrible nightmares, some so intense and real that I would wake with a start and seemed to be having a mild seizure. I believe this symptom is the mind rewiring itself. Some nights, I would be half-awake and half-asleep and felt paralyzed. It was terrifying. All of these symptoms went away in time. And, guess what happened when I relapsed? The same symptoms in reverse; this time the drug seemed to be the cause. Is that weird or what? When I quit using coke and methamphetamine 20 or so years ago, I vicariously did the drug in my dreams for years. I would wait for euphoria, and nothing would happen. You know how dreams are: the dope would turn into candy or something weird like that.

It's strange that your research led you to find that PAWS can linger for years. I've read it is a year and a half, at most. However, there probably is some debate going on since scientists can only theorize what goes on in that mass of gray matter in our heads. It is as mysterious as the universe--a wonderous miracle of creation, in my humble mind.

Droopy. With your good mind and speaking skills, I can see you on the podium for an NA meeting some day. Wouldn't that be cool? Additionally, isn't it weird that these drugs can bring a disciplined military man like yourself to his knees? I have been told that I am a strong person, but this addiction knocked me on my butt.

There is a military base in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Military jets buzz the sky daily in that city. Itís fun to watch them do their training runs. Occasionally, in Medford, they will stop at the airport, which is only a mile from the house, on their way to Klamath Falls from who knows where. They fly low over the suburbs before blasting off to Klamath. We can hear them coming and run outside to see. Sometimes, they will shoot straight up into the sky with a roar, disappearing into the distance in seconds--great stuff.

Good luck you guys. Stay strong.