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Re: Clean but Depressed PLEASE ADVISE

Originally Posted by norco18 View Post
Please advise: I've been clean from going cold turkey from sub for two weeks now, 14 days exactly. I feel WORSE, mind and body, than I EVER did before. I am still really hurting physically but I guess I deserve that for being an addict in the first place, but why the depression? I can't muster the energy to even get out of bed, thank god for laptop computers. I am sleeping about 18-19 hours a day and don't want to do anything. I can't eat and when I force myself, it just comes right back up. My kids and husband are sick of it and husband said yesterday he liked me better ON the sub and if this is the "real me" then he is not sure it's going to work. What can I do? Please, someone, some advice? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
you should consider low dose naltrexone, LDN causes our brains to produce natural endorphins 300% faster than normal, and can greatly help paws and depression. you have to have all opiates out of your system before beginning, and you have to get it from a compounding pharmacy because it comes in 50mg tabs--and that is too much, the best dose is 3--4.5mg once a day at bedtime--it's worth a try!!