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Re: random question

Hi there...there seem to be at least a few things going on so lets try to sort this out.

1st-BV Bacterial Vaginosis- I concur...follow your Dr's suggestion on whether to continue the antibiotic during your period or restart after your period.

2nd-Colposcopy- I would find out a) what is your HPV status b) why are they recommending a colposcopy- usually this is the suggestion after an abnormal pap c) what were the results of the PAP (ascus, CINI, CINII, CINIII) d) when you go for colposcopy ask that they do the ECC (endocervical curretage). I'd ask these questions because its possible that infection (i.e BV) can cause an abnormal pap but my guess is since they're recommending a colpo..that may/ maynot be the case here

3rd- SEX- I would hold off until you can sort this all out. Even if you were only dealing with BV, I would complete the course of antibiotics and leave the vagina free of any unnecessary bacteria that could be introduced during sexual activity.

So I would call the Dr, be sure to follow your appointments and take care.