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Long term sexual arousal?

I'm nineteen, almost twenty and have been sexually active since I was eighteen with my boyfriend. I had never experienced an orgasm while having sex until recently, in March of this year. Since then I have had around twenty orgasms. It's like all of a sudden something just clicked while we were having sex or something. I don't know. Anyways, nearly every time we have had sex I've had an orgasm. Lately, within the past week or so I have been feeling extremely aroused, even when he's not here. (he lives 200 miles away--we go to different colleges for the time being). Anyways, I have felt extremely aroused despite the fact that he's not even here, so I assume dit was because we hadn't had sex in over two weeks or something. Now, this "aroused" feeling is totally new to me, because I've never really had a high sex drive, or had the feeling of really wanting or needing to have sex. So this has been awkward. Well, I got to see him finally when he came to visit. We had sex 6 times, and out of those six times I had 4 orgasms, which were in a period of a little over 24 hours! That's practically 4 orgasms in one day with my boyfriend. But, even after I had an orgasm, I still felt this lingering feeling of still wanting more. I don't know why, but I still felt extremely aroused. So now, since he's been gone and I've been here on my own, I have felt aroused still. I mean, two days ago I just had four orgasms, and I'm still really horny! I don't understand. I've never been like this before and its now all of a sudden and I don't really like it. It's like this horny feeling wont go away and I just want to have sex all the time. I don't know why. Yesterday, I was feeling extremely aroused, and curiosly stimulated myself (which I have NEVER done before) and I made myself have an orgasm. Thirty minutes later the feeling of wanting to have sex still lingered, so I curiously tried again and I had another orgasm. Later that day the feeling STILL continued to linger and I made myself have ANOTHER orgasm. Okay, so I have NEVER masturbated in my life, and never had an orgasm until two months ago and now all of a sudden I'm having 7 orgasms within two days! It gets even funnier though. Today, I still felt this overwhelming feeling, and I made myself have FOUR ORGASMS IN LESS THAN AN HOUR. Is this normal? What is wrong with me? I have this unsatisfied feeling after an orgasm? Like, it feels really good and I really really like it but I still feel left wanting, and unsatisfied. What can I do? I had walking around constantly thinking about sex and having orgasms, I feel like a **** or something. I'm actually quite embarassed that I'm typing this, but its becoming too much. Is it because I've neve experiened an orgasm before, and never enjoyed sex that much utnil now, so I'm overwhelmed with all of these feelings, and after my boyfriend and I have had a "good sex life" for a while, the feelings will subside a little more and I wont feel so out of control super chronically aroused? I know this must be the wierdest post EVER. I was looking through the threads and most of them are about not being able to have orgasms and I seem to have the opposite problem. Maybe I feel unsatisfied because the orgasms feel much better with my boyfriend than by myself (which is also opposite of what people say!), or maybe I'm just wierd.


I always wanted to feel passion and longing for my boyfriend, but now this feeling wont go away!

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