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Re: Long term sexual arousal?

Originally Posted by Gone_Crazy View Post
Well, I got to see him finally when he came to visit. We had sex 6 times, and out of those six times I had 4 orgasms, which were in a period of a little over 24 hours! That's practically 4 orgasms in one day with my boyfriend.
To be honest, I don't think this is anything to worry about. What you're probably experiencing is a combination of raging hormones due to your age and the fulfilling love / arousal for your partner. When I was much younger, my husband (then boyfriend) were very similar. In fact, we were so fascinated by the concept, that we kept a chart of the total (over a fun weekend of example)....Like a scorecard. We laugh about it to this day because obviously things have REALLY changed. Granted, we still have a good healthy sex life, but I can't orgasm like I once did (and neither can he btw)...Not repeatedly anyway. Two is about my max in one setting. Once was able to have 4-5...Although the last couple were minor in nature.

Enjoy it while you're young! I hope you're using some type of protection obviously. If it becomes an even bigger issue for you, then you may seek the assistance of a counselor, but it sounds like you're just a very sexual young female with good plumbing.

Good luck.