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Feelbad, Chest/Rib pain

Hey Marcia, You better put bumpers of something around you with that puppy of yours. Geez what is it a rotweiler or something? You said you are having more pain now then pre pt, whats bothering you?
I had problems with the person filling in for me at work, so had to help out for coulple of days. No more I hope for abit.
Saw Mountain Readers post I am glad I am not the only one still having some issues. Went for the MRi so we will see. Arm is hurting, went to help a gentlemen (elderly), just forgot & used the dang arm, well dumb. Felt abit better up till then. Really could kick myself. This really takes along time to heal my friend.Osteo appointment today & boy I hope it helps. Whole darn area is aching.
You are really lucky to have such a good therapist. I would love to know how many people struggle after this surgery. I know there was a guy in pt still going for a couple months after his. I will not be using this arm at all for a couple or days. The whole shoulder/scapula area is so painful can't lift my arm this morning. Back to resting. Its going to take along time for this thing to heal I think. you have got to stay out of the dogs way, run or walk fast if you can't run when you see it coming (ha). Have you had any problems using that arm? If you think about it, it is not even four months post op. I heard at least for the decompression it could take up to 6 to get really feeling like its healed. I did not know abit of this before surgery, good thing to.
I know the sling can calm things down so what ever is going on movement of the arm/shoulder can really effect it. You would think mucsles tendons & such, but who knows. You know there is another poster with the SNS/RDS problems ( forgot exactly what its called) on the boards, she says its one painful condition, I really feel for you both. What exactly again caused it?

I will tell you for the MRI I took the valium, which I never take more then 1/2, it really made a difference, everythng seemed to relax. My sister in law was laughing, by the time we arrived I was abit more, shall we say relaxed. Big difference between that & flexerril. I think the flexerril makes me feel to out of it, I do not like to take it & can only take 1/2. I just don't want to ask for it, because the doctors have such issues. The rehab doc had me try it but as I said I never really took it much. I had abetter day that day & went longer between doses of perc. So I know it relaxed the muscles. The MRI itself was torture. Hurt to lay that flat for so long. The perc. makes the bladder alittle weaker so really had to go. Just made it out of the thing in time. Mornings I swear I go every 30 minutes.
The surgeon won't be in till monday, so I will have to wait for the test results. I felt the best that morning of the MRI. I swear every time I go for one I feel better. I always worry that its not acting up so nothing will show. I am sore after. I told my sister in law that is the strangest thing. May be because of the valium. Same thing when I went for the spine, it was the best day I had for over a month. Perhaps that is why the pt does not trust them.

I think I will loose it if nothing shows. I am sick of it all. All the throbbing in those ribs & muscle spasms, especially in the chest makes me feel like I am having a dang heartattack. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Talk to you soon. Sammy

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