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Re: Feelbad, Chest/Rib pain

now didn't i TELL ya that valium would help?? i ALWAYS do this before now and the pain med thing too. its just way too painful to lie still for me let alone have things just hurting during the process. hopefully something will show. just becasue some area is not 'actively' making you go insane from the pain that particular day,does NOT mean that it will not show itself on MRI. if the problem is actually there,it would most likely show itself. you GOTTA take it easy sammy,really. just listen to your body hon.

i feel right now like i have alot of inflammation within that actual joint capsule. it almost feels like crampy like? if i could move it right that it would 'pop' and things would feel better? but this is starting to actually radiate around to both the back and the front off the chest wall now. i see my PT guy on friday and boy am i looking forward to that. i HAVE TO have him do some cranio and try and release my diaphram in the top area(you actually do have a lower abdominal and upper one,didn;t know that til i started the cranio)? that right kidney is just ******* off everything there and the diaphram gets all tight on me and restricts my intake when i breathe. thats just from constant irritation cuz my right kidney now sits right under my ribcage in the FRONT now? not the back. its just huge sammy,but all my kidney labs as of feb were still within all normal ranges. thats huge believe me. if you could see my kidneys upon ultrasound,you would never believe that cystic mess could actually produce perfec labs. this is just the nature of PKD. very insane condition.

my particular RSD in my right knee was actually triggered by the spinal cord damage that also included(and they never mentioned that this could actually even happen tho i was told about the other crap that would defintiely be there)a damaged sympathetic nervous system right at the cord levl. among other things,i have damaged cortico and spinothalamic tracts,two leg nerves,one came back on the monitor during the surgery damaged and the other,not at all. a huge hit also occured to the ulnar andmedian nerves within my left lower arm and hand which caused theloss of 8 fine motor muscles. but i couldn;t use my left leg or hand when i ended up in the rehab hosp about two and a half weeks post op from the u of MN.

i just started having all kinds of really insane off the wall types of symptoms and the central pain syndrome which was caused like immediately when they hit a certain part of that thalamic tract was actually there waiting for me post op as soon as i woke up,it felt like someone had actually burned my skin over both shoulder blades and a portion of my mid left arm. that was my biggest pain issue then post op,out a coupe weeks.immediate post op i cannot even remeber half of since they had to sedate me just to be able to tolerate the pain. trust me,your spinal cord does NOT like being cut into at all.,besides the muscle hell caused by them actually cutting thru all thse large muscles back there to just get to my sord. it was a huge wadded up mess for soo long. but about nov 4th(my actual surgery was on sept 22 just weeks before this occured)i felt the very first ever pain in my right knee one day just watchin the vikings game. it hit out of nowhere and started to burn like heck. it got much worse over the next hour and i had no clue as to why. then,within days,the swelling started,i also had felt a lump behind my knee which turned out to be a bakers cyst that formed becasue i cannot feel part of that right side from the injury on down?i somehow tore the synovial sac and thus the bakers started. i have a condition called brown sequard syndrome(look it up,it will make much more sense then) where i just cannot feel the difference between hot or cold or even feel the pain of a needle being stuck like into the most sensitive areas like the stomach? tho i retain full sensation in that area,i just cannot feel those three things. its really crazy trying to actually explain this to people since i can feel very fine touch,just not those three things since they are governed by my damaged thalamic tract. insane really.

so over the course of time and me finally being referred to my wonderful current ortho surgeon,we did deduce that i am suffering from RSD in that right knee on down thru my foot. but it all started with the actual SNS damage. thats all it takes sammy. that has been what i have been concerned about for you since alot of your particular odder type symptoms do fit the syndrome. if you do not have actual RSD then i do still really feel that at least some of your symptoms DO have to be coming from some level of SNS affectation somehow. the only true way to really tell is with that stellate i told you about. its very straight forward actually. if they KNOW they actually hit that stellate during the injection(it IS guided with flouro and there are other ways to actually tell too) and you do not feel ANY sort of relief from your pain what so ever,then it is not likely that the SNS is actually being involved. BUT if you DO feel ANY relief of anything there,it would be considered to be some level of sns genrated type pain. like i said,pretty simple ya know? this is the one thing you really do need to obatin yet,you just need to know for certain. if it is,the sooner treatemnt is actually started the better the outcome and even a possbile remission of your pain and synptoms. so you do have to have this either ruled in or out at some point hon,you just have some of those particular symptoms.ever since you mentioned that sweating way back when i have just had this ongoing feeling that there IS indeed at least some level of affectation going on since the sns governs sweating. we will just have to see.

oh,by the by, my 'puppy' is actually great dane and english mastiff mix and huge as heck right now(i am going to buy a saddle soon). just got his shots and a weigh in yesterday and believe it or not,this 20WEEK old puppy went from 36lbs about six weeks ago to a whopping 73 right now. this is a flippin PUPPY! now you know why that back of shoulder hit or any of the hits my knee has gotten have been a bit over much. hes just one huge doofus ya know? great disposistion tho and loves other doggys. we just need to get out of teething and the "i have all the energy of a power plant" stage.

well i do hope something shows up that can explain what the underlying issues are with that shoulder/rib area hon. now we wait. that always sucks. obtain your own copy of those reaults hon. let me know anything you find out sammy. hang in there hon,and QUIT doing work or i will track you down and make my doggy sit on your legs. believe me, you wont move,lol. why should i have all the fun? marcia
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