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Please, any help would be appreciated.....I am so scared.

Ok, so my last period came two days earlier than usual. Then on the saturday (28 days later) when I was supposed to get my period, I had sex with a guy, who had a spermicide condom, never came off or ripped and didn't ***. I know it was a stupid idea because now I'm really confused about my period, I dont know if the fact that it was early before affects it, or what happened.

Also, since I was having paranoia attacks, i took Plan B approximately 68 hours after the sex.

Now, I have been breaking out all over my neck, I have ocassional back pains and tiny micro cramps that last for 5 minutes at the most...I also have white discharge coming out and my vagina feels warm and wet, which is what usually happens before I get my period. I don't know if the Plan B has anything to do with my period now being all wonky, but I desperately need advice...I find myself having nervous attacks at night. If my period doesn't come by Monday, then i will go get a pregnancy test...

Any help, please?

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