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Question Bowel pain is severe, any ideas?

A little history, I am Diabetic/Hypothyroid/PCOS/Spinal Osteoarthritis/Fibromyalgia or UCTD/Chronic headaches/Insomnia/possible Endometriosis/Anemia that is not improving with iron supplements I've been taking for a YEAR, in fact has gotten worse...

Several years back was worked up for Lupus, Positive ANAs, positive Anti-DS DNA mixed speckled and homogenous, whatever that means. Was told I could develop it down the line but that there were not enough criteria at the time to dx

Now recently, I asked my doc and OB about painful bowel movements and they chalked it up to constipation or possible endometriosis without any willingness to check anything out. She did do a uterine biopsy to rule out uterine cancer causing my abdominal pain, it came back clear.

Now within the last few months the pain has gotten much much worse... some BMs are fine and only slightly painful, except for the fact that I cannot poop sitting up like a normal person, I have to lean back and nearly arch back on the toilet back to get things lined up properly is what it seems like.

What I am concerned about it the times like the episode I had two nights ago. I all of the sudden got the painful urge to go, and once on the toilet it was excruciating. I mean can't sit forward or I feel like someone is knocking around a rod with glass shards on it in there. I have to arch back in pain, trying to go as I feel like my insides are being ripped apart just to poop a few small nuggets and can tell there is more in there that won't come out and they too are causing this pain just being in there. Also, if I am in the few days when this is happening bad it is also painful to pee, but not in a UTI kind of way, it's a collection of abdominal pain that happens when the bladder gets near to being empty. When I am not in these bouts, I can pee fine with no pain. Almost makes me feel like my innards are all not in the right places or something. I did give birth in Aug 2006, everything was fine then. Shortly before this started happening I was having strange thunk-like feeling in the lower abdomen when picking up my daughter. No idea if this means anything.

To clarify the worst case scenario, the pain was so bad that I was crying/nearly screaming in pain, my vision started to go half-white and my hearing was half gone, feeling clammy and both hot and cold at the same time, like a feeling of shock and about to pass out, that I had to scream across the house in the middle of the night to get my mother to come sit in the bathroom with me to make sure I wasn't about to pass out on the toilet and hit my head on the bathtub... all the while hoping that I wasn't going to wake up my 21 month old on the other side of the bathroom wall.

This really does not feel normal, am I crazy or are my doc useless for hearing bowel pain and brushing me off so lightly? I know, as if I don't have enough medical problems as it is, but this is new and I can't help but think and wonder if whatever is going on in there may be a reason I am anemic and iron is not going to help if I am losing blood from somewhere and it's getting worse.

It also worries me that my grandfather had colon cancer twice, and had bowel reconstruction twice. My father, at his first colonoscopy already had precancerous polyps removed at the time and at his next visit since.

So I guess my question is what kind of problem would be causing this specific type of pain and what kind of doc would I see for it because it's obvious mine don't give a crap (no pun intended).

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