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Re: Feelbad, Chest/Rib pain

thanks for the info MR,really. it does help to know that we are not the only ones. just exactly what did you have done and how long ago agian? you may have mentioned it but my mind isn;t where it should be these days ya know?

so,your PT says that everything that you are feeling IS normal then? thats what scares me since i have had a couple surgeries that just didn't fuse or heal right. thats my biggest fear right there. you should do what i do with the bra thing? snap it in the front then slide it around and slip it on from the front? i finally was able to wear one(this actually gave me breasts again,lol)about a little over a month ago as long as the straps were not tight. i just really really wanted some semblance of a chest back ya know?

according to what my ortho told me at our last visit about probably one month ago(i see him again on the 20th) he said around the 1rst of may i could start working with those band thingys? i couldn't get into my PT last week for alot of reasons but see him again fri so we will see what he has planned for me,scarey.

besides that crampy feeling in that joint i also have an area right below and kind of into the armpit area in my upper arm? this is just a really sore area,really sore. this was the spot where i felt pain during my half awake surgery? just woke me right up from my drug indiced happy place right then and there when he started working in it. he cannot explain it either but that spot was exactly where he was at when i woke up goin owe owe owe. the anesthesiologist just hit me again with something and i was back out like a light again. very odd tho. its just very insane to actually feel anything where i actually did after having a full scalene block done. i AM a freak,believe me.

i am wondering where sammy is. i really want to know what the deal is with that hypermobile ribcage thing she has goin there. could just be imense swelling and inflammation too thats just pushing out there.

i am glad you popped in MR,really. its good to compare notes with others. it gives you a bit of a better idea what IS and is not normal too ya know? i do hope things continue on the upswing for ya. i DO know how great those tiny little milestones feel when you hit them,trust me. please keep us posted hon,and good luck with the bra,lol. marcia
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