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Re: Bowel pain is severe, any ideas?

Originally Posted by sammi2 View Post
Is the pain around your navel or lower down? Is it like colon spasms? Does the pain stop once you have a BM? The feeling of almost passing out is probably a vagus nerve response to the pain. I understand the pain is severe when we pass out from it. I've done that for many years & it always scares me even tho I know what it is. I would see a gastroenterologist for a diagnosis. If it is IBS s/he can prescribe you something for pain.
Thanks for your reply. The pain is lower down, the most severe being in what feels like the lower part of the large intestine. It's worst sort of just inside the opening where the stuff is waiting to come out, but when I push to go it is all over in there as the BM is moving through the bowels and colon. It doesn't feel like spasms but I have no idea about that. I'd liken the pain to dragging an ice pick along the raw nerves of a severe burn victim. I suppose it could be spasms happening as stuff is moving through. The pain sort of stops once the BM is out but still feels sharp and sore afterwards and lower back achy. Not always able to get all BM out so it still stays achy and sharp in there until I can eliminate it all.

Thanks, I will probably make an appt with a gastroenterologist as soon as my health insurance kicks in in a few weeks.