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Re: Does anyone have experience with back injections?

I went in to the PM clinic the other day to be evaluated for the radiofrequency burn thing and the doc who does that (who is different from the doc who did the cortisone injections) wanted to try one more series of injections prior to the RF stuff so I agreed. Think this one was the epidural block (she told me but it went in one ear and out the other) - they numbed part of my back and then told me another shot I would feel it tingle all the way down my leg as they numbed the area.

Guess they did both L4 and L5 and though it wasn't the most pleasant experience, I think it did help. They were talking to me during the procedure and she said you will feel the numbness thing now and I said ok and kept talking and about mid sentence just said something like, "whoa - there is goes" - wasn't really painfull just weird.

Rest of the day was a bit a sore but was feeling better. That was last Thursday. Yesterday I was somewhere with a long driveway and my daughters were runnning up and down it and I told my 6 year old, I'd give her a five second head start and then race her.

So, she laughed and toook off (daddy hasn't ran in a long while so I think she thought she had it locked in) and five seconds later, off I went. After the first few steps I felt fine so I pushed on up to about as fast as I could go and ended up just blowing past her and everyone had a good time.

A little later it dawned on me that was the first time I've felt good enough to try and run in the last three years after the results of the last injection.

The doc wanted me to come back in two weeks for the 2nd of 3 rounds but since I'm a diabetic and these shots just wreak all sorts of issues on blood sugar levels, she said she'd space them out once a month instead for me.

The advice of the surgeon I've been seeing off and on for 2.5 years came back to me (after the run) after I had told him the injections were helping (since he didn't think he would have much luck fixing me and instead, just prescribes for me) - "Don't get yourself into trouble by feeling so good you end up doing something stupid and have to call me from the ER to come fix your [email protected]$$ one of these days since you forgot you have serious back problems."

Well, maybe due to luck or something - that day and into today, my back feels fine. It was maybe a 1/5 of a mile sprint or so (if that much) but back to the original point - yes, the injections have helped.

And it was fun to be able to run again if even just for 30 seconds but I will try to keep a little more common sense in mind from here on out.