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Re: Does anyone have experience with back injections?

Thank you everyone.

I spoke to the doctor yesterday and explained the jolt of pain that woke me up; he doesn't want to do shots this week - he'ld like to try again next Tuesday and that is ok with me. I said to my husand "I had relief for 4 days didn't need a painkiller".....

I did not know that more than 3 shots in the same area is taboo - that most doctors won't inject a steroid into the same muscle more than 3 times. I've tried researching back injections but there is such an overabudence on the WWW. And then I feel stupid because I can't retain the information overload. I was reading a long article but it turned out to be spinal injections; I'm doing muscle injections.

If anyone read this I have a couple of questions:

1. Is it normal for your doctor to ask where your pain is and the inject you? I read that "trigger point" is referred pain so you need to shoot the trigger point area but perhaps I am just plain mistaken. Also, is an injection into the muscle called "trigger point"? My Chiro (who works in the PT/PM office said "trigger point..........and I (he) gets them all the time". If he gets them all the time, that seems almost too much?

2. Please elaborate about 3 or more shots into the same muscle. As my lower back/buttock was the problem last week, it's still the problem this week but on the other side.

Sorry to be a pain - I really appreciate the feedback. Now that I have decided to addressed my health, I'm almost clueless.

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