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Re: Less stress on your back around the house

Hey there, i ran across this threa and thought it was great! Did anyone have any more ideas on the laundri and being downstairs? My hubby is supposed to move it all upstairs soon, but in the meantime he is working and now my son starts tommorrow i have four other children but it's hard to get them to follow through on thier chores especiallywhen dads gone and even when they do it's not right but i give them and A for effort, but like if i tell them socks need to be done they will like throw five mismatch pair in a some other clothes and call it good. Yes hubby does some as well but he also works all day and or you forget cause your too busy doing the rest and until theres nothing clean and thats easy with a house of seven. I am thinking if this works i can keep all the dirty laundry upstairs and sort it and have them take a load down as it is. Does this sound workable? I don't know what else to do! It's also a struggle with my one son who is BP to get the dishes done on his day even if theres a reward ect. but some days i cannot stand long enough to them for him nd i'm pretty happy with that as long as hes going to school and staying out of trouble. Yes i know i could get a dishwasher and actually have one but i don't even know if it works because i got it on pickup from the neighbor and it's not hooked up and trying to get my hubby motivated on that end is a chore itself! Any suggestion please let me know!
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