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Re: Hi Folks ,need some info please

Have been diagnosed with PN about two years ago and I can feel your pain. I started with burning feet and now have been having numbness from ankles up my legs. I am on Lyrica 200mgs a day and have tried everything that was offered to me and did not get any relief. I have a cervical degenerated disc and all doctors say that this was not the cause of PN. After a having the last test that was suggested by my neurologist was a skin biopsy. It showed a dead nerve ending which is giving me this problem. I was advised by my GP and Neuro doctors that I can take Percocet whenever I am having the pains which only makes me oblivious of all that is going on from foot up. Just taking 5mgs will not make me addicted to drugs. If this makes me feel better why not. I also was prescribed sleeping pills when the pain gets bad at night and cannot fall asleep. I wish you luck with finding a neuro doctor. Are there any charity cares chapter in your hospitals that you can get some help. With Gods help and some prayers from me wishing you the best.