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i started thinking i might have recovered after seven years....finially was so happy i could put my head in the sink of the hair salon...but a month after i did...whammm i woke up again with the room spinning and back to the beginning of another bout of labrynthitis.... reading here makes me feel better as we have so much in common... so frustrating.... ive been feeling better as long as i dont accidently roll over on my left side..or lay flat on my back... but i have days when im really tired and feel spacey.... feel real uncomfortable driving when im feeling this way....i forced myself to go back to work after a week of bedridden...but that was three months ago and i still "feel out of it" this is tough the single mother of two kids..i have a big job as a recreation director.... and some days like today im really frustrated that i havent "fully recovered" will we ever?? and when we do /.... must i anticipate its return....ive had this happen to me three times the past twenty years..... and no it doenst get easier .....cause older i get ...less energy i have ... does anyone else have a sore neck and upper back with thier symptoms??? anyway ....sorry about my rambling.... having a bad day...