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hi Jen.yes twenty years ago i woke up early am and i suddenly found the room spinning around me ..well more like the bed was coming up and i was flipping over...horrible nitemare... hmmmm for a few days i was out of it and id say the first episode lasted only a few weeks..... but then twelve years later id say.... again i was woken up by spinning horrible spinning..... this time it lasted much longer..... after the horrible get that off balance sensation for a few weeks or so....but i was left with a positional thing...if i accidently put my head in wrong position it would jolt me.... i had mri..ect... drs said labrythitis/ benign positional vertigo....but no dr. offered me any suggestions for recovery.. i learned to live with and fight took eight years before i finially had the freedom to put my head in the sink at the beauty salon recently and whammmmmmmmm this past oct i woke up agian spinning..... same deal.... scarey though cause this time i am single divorced not married ....i took a week off from work..probaly could have used two months ....but im a fighter...and i really dont run to the getting better but i have days where i jsut feel neck and upper back really bother me..... and i still dont lay on my right side or flat on my back..the other day i got a massage and the therapist convinced me to attempt laying flat on my back..i did and ended up getting a hit of vertigo....then sick to my stomach for the next few ...this sweet thing we have shows its ugly face now and then and most people dont understand it so i seldom discuss with anyone... i keep my head out of certain positions.... but when im tired i dont like driving...i feel spacey.... i find eating healthy ..exercising..... and drinking alot of water to be very important.... ps reading from this site has given me enormous comfort... thanks all.. most important for me is to fight it...keep fighting it ...and get plenty of rest...