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Re: Can someone tell me what my blood test numbers reveal?

I take 3 grains or 180 mg of armour. 2 in the am and another 1 in the late afternoon. I asked about adding something to the armour but this doc doesn't even want me on it at all! She gave me a script for a 30 day supply and that's it. In regards to my cortisol being at 6.0 and my tsh being 540 I think....what does that even mean? My doctor doesn't even explain what those results mean as far as how I should feel or anything! What do I ask of her? I am going through a divorce and I am trying to move from Illinois to Florida with my daughter, prepare for a new job in Florida, find a house to rent AND on top of all of this my meds are getting all wacked out. I am at optimal stress levels and not sure what I need to do to equal out my body to survive through all of this. Please any advise will be appreciated. I am just worried with all of this I am going to end up in the er. Also, although my doc told me to talk 60mg of hydro for the next 3 days I am not doing it. Even on just on day of that I felt hyped up and my heart was beating different. If you were me what would you be wanting to mix to compliment my levels? Any drug names I will just reference to her and see what she says. Thank you!