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Re: Can someone tell me what my blood test numbers reveal?

You are hyperT on that much Armour. You need to cut back because of the hyperT in T3. I concur with that much.

Your TSH is 0.004.. pretty much non-existant. This is your hypothalamus and pituitary gland telling your thyroid NO MORE.. STOP with the T3.. TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE.. ACKKK!

Okay the cortisol at 6 is LOW.. this just tell you that you are still adrenal insufficient and the current levels of cortisone are not meeting your needs. Need and demand for cortisol rise in response to too much T3. Cortisol is the safety switch which tries to shut down T4 to T3 conversion. When you do not have functioning adrenal glands your liver goes on a T4 to t3 conversion spree. This is why your T4 is so low and your T3 is so high.

Adding that much cortisol is going to hype you up.. but that is because your T3 already has you reveed up. You need an 8 am fasting cortisol test as well as a take home saliva 24 hour cortisol rhythm test. see if your MD will write you up for it.

Also have they looked at your renin and aldosterone? Are you on Birth control pills or beta-blockers? These tests are a no go if you are.

What was 540? I couldn't find that? A TSH of 540 with your T3 levels being high and your T4 levels being suboptimal would indicate severe pituitary/hypothalamus dysfunction. A TSH of 540 would indicate your thyroid was dead or gone and your thyroid hormone levels pretty much non-existant. This is not your case. Right now you are hypoT in T4 and hyperT in T3.. you need to cut back on the Armour.. but I would want someone flexible enough as an MD to know when and if you need T3 that they will add it. You moste likely need some more cortisol given you levels. However that much may be too much. i am surprised they didn't just say take and addition 10 mg first thing in the morning and let's recheck. When do you go in for more testing?

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