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Re: Can someone tell me what my blood test numbers reveal?

Component ResultsComponent Your Value Standard Range
ACTH (ICMA) 534.00 - pg/mL
10-60 (a.m. draw)

Sorry....that was the ACTH levels not TSH.

I am not on any birth control or beta blockers either.

I am not sure when my next tests will be. I am almost thinking maybe I should just leave it all alone until I get down to Florida and take these results with me. Do you think it's wise to mess with this when I know I won't be here long enough to see treatment through with her? I'm just really scared that I am going to get sick. Not sure if I mentioned with my thyroid but I had it radioactively removed so I don't have a functioning thyroid. If I take less of the armour what should I ask to try to add to it? BLAH......this is so confusing! You are so helpful though. It helps to know there are people out there that understand what I am dealing with.

Thank you