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Re: I'm 21 and was just told I need my Gallbladder out. Summary & I have some questio

I don't understand how those ejection fractions are bad. Anything over 35% is considered normal. That doesn't mean there isn't a problem but basing surgery on those numbers seems odd.

As far as eating, I couldn't/can't eat more than 6gm of fat per meal. I typically eat a low fat frozen dinner for lunch and something light for dinner. If I snack it has to be low fat... even now 5 months after removing my gallbladder. By the way, my EF was 0%. I didn't have any stones, just inflammation (says the path report from the surgery).

I had all left sided pain, but the surgery didn't really fix me. I was worse after surgery until recently and now I feel like I'm back where I was pre-surgery (maybe slightly better). Again, all left sided pain which they said was probably referred pain. On the side you describe is also your pancreas, stomach and spleen. Although I've read spleen problems are typically due to an injury, like a car accident or something.

With your EF in normal range, I'd ask about it and probably get a 2nd opinion.