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Re: I'm 21 and was just told I need my Gallbladder out. Summary & I have some questio

Your family of gall bladder victims sounds like mine altho' being the latest member of my family (mom, dad, sister, niece #1, niece #2, niece #3--all with different symptoms)...I just had mine removed at the end of April. I hope you're seeing a good gastroenterologist. You don't have to have a gallbladder filled with stones to need your gb removed. Mine only had 1 stone but since my gastroenterologist knew I had a family history of gb problems, she ordered the hida scan which showed that my gb was inflamed and could only contract 12% (as opposed to 50% which is normal). We all have different symptoms, histories--even within families. If tests are showing your gb is not functioning properly, get it removed and be glad you are avoiding a possible future episode(s) of horrid pain (I've heard all the horror stories of endless hours of excrutiating pain & misery which is why I said "OK! get it out" when they told me about my gb being inflamed). Certain organs in our bodies pick different times to conk out (my appendix had to be removed at age 10, tonsils at age 27)...they don't care how young you are...they just want OUT!! Take care of yourself and remember, outpatient surgery (for things like gallbladders) is wonderful and much less uncomfortable than the original surgery...but you still need to take it easy postsurgery, don't rush back to your normal schedule and most importantly (as I'm learning) stay on a lowfat diet (if you don't your body will let you know very soon that it is not happy and misses your gallbladder