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Re: Bowel pain is severe, any ideas?

hi i have had severe pain in y abdomen for yrs since i was 12 yrs old it feels like i need to make a bm but when i go to use the restroom .. i black out and after 10 mins wake up on the floor from blacking out ..i was wondering if anyone knows what this could be i also don't remember how i got to the bathroom in the first place when i come to and also makes me feel like throwing up and that i can't breathe use to be twice a week then moved to once a week then 3 times a month and i have had three of these episodes last yr one week after another... can anyone help me fund an answer... i have gone to doctors and had tests and they can't find anything wrong..and i just wanna know what i could have so i can get treated . i am tired of not knowing when my next black out would accure when i get abdomen pain .... (like in my large intestens i can't spell it ..)

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