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Re: Prescribed Synthroid/cytomel - Question On Dosage Split - Mg Or Anyone


Thanks for the input - he said we would just have to try things to see how I feel. So, I guess I will have to do that right now. I have labs in 4 weeks. At least he was willing to do something since my labs seemed "normal" - and thanks to you I called the Free T3 to his attention - remembering you compared the Total T3 at something like 69% and the Free T3 at 14.7% or something like that. I didn't quote that - but did call to his attention that I was at the very low end of that range. Anyway, I guess compared to some endos or MD's at least he is willing to work with my symptoms. He kinda looked at me like - "all your labs and other tests look really good" - what are your symptoms - and I had a whole list typed up in addition to saying that I "had no life" - and was this the way I would feel for my whole life? - I don't think so!!! Then he prescribed the Cytomel.

I am just not wanting to get heart palpitations - and that is why I asked about taking it with food or something....I guess another experiment.
Will keep you posted.

Thanks for all your help - I was so stressed by my appointment today - my pulse was 98......


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