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Re: Prescribed Synthroid/cytomel - Question On Dosage Split - Mg Or Anyone

Hi Pia,

Yes, I saw that note from the moderator - and had hoped you would pop on this one or start a new one I would notice. I told you that yesterday my pulse was 98 at the doctor's office and I don't think I have calmed down totally - it is not nearly that high, but around 80 - but that was before I took anything different - so I have to try to calm down.

I took your advice and this morning took 1/2 of the 12.5 (half of .25 mcg) - I took my Synthroid at 6:00 A. M. and then went back to sleep - and I actually did take the 1/2 of 1/2 tab on empty stomach and ate about an hour later. That was at 8:15 and I don't notice anything yet - but I don't think I would this early. I may not feel quite as lightheaded when I was making the beds, etc. - but could be my imagination. I don't care - I was reading some things about Cytomel and people try different things - take it half and half and someone on one board mentioned taking it with food and even though not absorbed as quickly it would act like the time-released version - instead of getting a quick rush. I need to experiment - that is the only way. Also I guess I still have the .88 mcg of Synthroid in my system and will for a while as it is slow - so don't know how that would effect me?

You didn't tell me how you were doing on your new adjusted dosage - exactly what are you taking? I don't remember. It will take me a while to calm down from anticipation of that doctor's visit and just now pray and hope I will feel better.

You see the doctor on Monday? Are you still having burning? I was day before yesterday - don't know about yesterday - was so flipped out. Is it your stomach that burns?


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