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Re: Prescribed Synthroid/cytomel - Question On Dosage Split - Mg Or Anyone

Originally Posted by sue1234 View Post
Liz--I'm very interested in how your addition of cytomel works out. I'm at the point where I feel worse if I up my dose of Synthroid 100 mcg., so waiting to see if I can add in cytomel to see if it takes care of my remaining symptoms. What dosage of daily cytomel are you to take?

Hi Sue,

I will let you know. I think my endo was very reluctant to do much with my labs being in "normal" range - although I mentioned that my Free T3 was very much at the low end of the range. Anyway, I have felt terrible and I mean bad and going and doing basically nothing. He lowered my Synthroid from .88 mcg to .75 mcg because he didn't want the addition of the Cytomel to push me into hyper. It is an experiment at this point on dosages.

I prescribed 1/2 of a 25 mcg. tablet per day. Labs in 4 weeks. I understand it doesn't take long for Cytomel to kick in - and that is a good thing because the waiting is horrible.

The reason for my post was to find out other's experience in how to take it - split, etc.....I don't want to get heart palpitations as I have had when on Armour.

What are your symptoms?


What are your