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Re: Prescribed Synthroid/cytomel - Question On Dosage Split - Mg Or Anyone


Ok-that's fine - we just have to keep track so the thread doesn't go on too long. I know last time you suggested we start a new one - that's fine with me. Glad you are feeling a bit better and going to get your hair done - that is a good sign.

I don't feel as lightheaded - but still weird - but only took the meds today. I think I am still stressed from all that build up to the doctor's appointment, as I said, because my heartbeat feels faster, but I have only taken that pill in half and mostly with food. I think it is my nerves because I want to be well so badly. I think the T3 comes into your system and goes out - so it doesn't build up - or does it? Also still have to get the higher dose of .88 mcg Synthroid out of my system and I think that takes a bit longer - right? Will see how each day goes - the doctor said about a week?
You said a few days - either doesn't seem long after waiting months on end.

Take care and enjoy getting your hair done,

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