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"period" twice a month for the past 7 months???

I know spotting can be caused by many things, but I am having what seems like a full-on period twice a month, almost exactly ever 14 days. Both "periods" last around 7 days and the flow is identical- tampons, pads, pretty heavy. I have cramps with both- painful but controlled with Midol and heating pads. I have no pain with sex.

I have had an IUD for the past year and a half, but I don't think this is the cause because wouldn't my symptoms have started earlier than 7 months ago?

I just had a pelvic exam/pap on Tuesday, so I don't have the results yet, but the gyno did not see any problems/cysts/growths/etc during the exam.

She did some blood work (thyroid, CBC, and pregnancy test) to rule anything out. She also did STD tests, but I am almost 100% positive I don't have an STD seeing as I had to get all of the tests done 1.5 yrs ago for the IUD and I have been with only one person (husband now) for 8 years.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this??? I am sick of bleeding for half the month!

Also, I am 23, healthy, never had an STD, never been pregnant. please help!!

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