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Re: "period" twice a month for the past 7 months???

Hi -

I don't know about IUDs or when symptoms can develop from them. I do wonder about endometriosis though. I have it but don't bleed *that* much anymore but before I was on hormones I did. I'd go for 2-3 weeks for my "regular" period then after about 5 yrs or so on the pill maybe less, I started spotting between cycles and have NEVER done that before. I also mysteriously cannot "skip" a period if I try and take the hormones all month. Things that "should not " happen do happen with me- ie I bleed & cramp between cycles and after I complained of all of this for a good 2 years or more my Dr did a Lap and found endo on my ovary (just the one, other was fine) and my uterus. Uterus was also full of bad scar tissue so I must have had this over 8 years or so before I got on the Pill. I'm only 27. Had the lap last year at 26.

If the bleeding persists, I'd look into Endo and ask about it. Do you ever feel like you are cramping almost all month long? Like only 1 week out of every month do you sort of feel normal? That's how i feel.
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