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Re: Prescribed Synthroid/cytomel - Question On Dosage Split - Mg Or Anyone

Originally Posted by mauz View Post
Hi Liz,

How are you doing this morning ? I hope you feel a little better today.
I still have that burning in my stomach hopefully it will go away soon.


I had a hard time getting up this morning - just didn't want to. Anyway, felt kinda racy in the heart upon waking - but I still don't think it is from the Cytomel as I had it when I went to the doctor's office before taking anything. It could be a little, but still think it might be my nerves. Don't know. I took the 1/2 or the 1/2 this morning on an empty stomach - but just took the other half after lunch to see if it is better - just in case. I still feel "off" and weird, but hoping that changes. A friend of mine called around 10:00 and she knew I have been having all these problems and wanted to know if I could go to lunch. I had to talk myself into it - but made myself go and I enjoyed it - although my heart felt kinda racy - sitting down I didn't feel too bad - walking I feel kinda weak - but perhaps that is from not enough T3 - who knows. The burning in my abdomen and the UTI feeling aren't as bad the last day and a half - don't know why. My stomach muscles still feel weird and around my belly button - don't know if that is coming from the abdomen or what. Wonder if it was the filler in the .88 mcg? Won't know - I guess - but I am watching symptoms. I need to get to the gyne and have her check that all out. Maybe she can give me some insight. My friend thinks I may also be suffering from depression - and that is very likely with the symptoms that are similar for both thyroid and depression . from what I read - they go hand in hand.

You still have the burning? My stomach isn't turning - but something there feels strange.