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Re: Prescribed Synthroid/cytomel - Question On Dosage Split - Mg Or Anyone

Originally Posted by mauz View Post
the burning comes and goes always feels a little better when I eat something, weired.
What do you mean by your stomach is turning ? My entire body feels strange ! LOL
I have to go for more labs next Thursday and I will see her on Monday June 2nd.
Have a good night and I talk to you tomorrow

I meant my stomach burns or feels like it is. I know what you mean about strange. I feel like my heart is racy - but not sure if it was just that way and I can't calm down between anticipating the doctor's appointment and now wondering about if the Cytomel will work. I know the Cytomel can do that as it is powerful. I am trying to split it and take with food so that even if it takes longer - it will work and not make my heart race - another challenge. If it bothers me too much - one thing MG said is that he probably should have dropped the Synthroid to 50 mcg not 75 mcg - but I couldn't tell him that I heard that on the internet. Also Dr. Lupo said he adds 5 mcg twice a day to start which would make it 10. I have 12.5 and I split it so I am taking a little over 6 mcg twice a day - that is close. But he drops the synthroid by 40%. So we will see. Perhaps taking it with food will keep it to a minimum of bothering me.

Did you take Cytomel - I can't remember? Also, it this doesn't work I am going to ask him for one of the slow release T3 from a compounding pharmacy similar to what you are having. So, I am developing some plans just in case. But I hope it makes me feel better without all that.

Ok - talk tomorrow.