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Re: A roller coaster ride


i was on zyprexa and lithium when i was first dx'd.

i walked around like a zombie for 2 years before i even had the thought to start researching medications.

not that it was any more fun after that, but i became informed and i was able to have input into my treatment.

it gave me control and i was aware of what i was taking and what possible side effects there could be. you know your body best and can get some idea of how the med works by reading around the bulletins and doing research. and your pdoc knows the meds best (some!) so you still have to take that into consideration.

i am not saying that you will not go against the grain and not react according to what you read. and, of course, these darn meds react differently for others.

so, it is just a way to have a wee bit more control of the situation. certainly talk to your pdoc about what you have learned.

good luck!