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Has anyone found help for severe RLS with magnesium?

I've posted a long time ago, but had to register because of my lack of user name memory. :P

Anyway, I have severe RLS in my legs and sleep doc really feels it's my iron levels...about 50-whatever (can't remember the measurement it comes in). I've tried ALL of the possibilities (Requip, Mirapex (both made me too sick) Neurotin, Lyrica (didn't work and made me feel loopy) Klonopin, Valium (didn't work), and hydrocodone, oxycodone (caused too much dependency), and a few others I can't remember), and the only one that seems to work that he has me on now is 12.5 mg of methadone.

I've also had an iron infusion that only brought my iron level up to 60-something...he said he ideally wanted to see it at 100.

Lately, I've been reading about magnesium supplements and was wondering if they really worked. None of my doctors have mentioned it to me...only a lack of iron (which personally, I don't really blame it all on, but I don't not believe it either...I have MS, depression, stress, etc)

Do they work?? What experience has anyone had?? Good or bad luck??
Thanks for your time in responding!

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