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hyperthyroid or adrenal fatigue? (caution-long post)

I'm going to see an endocrynologist in a week but I don't want to go in there and waste time or get a wrong diagnosis because I'm afraid that I could pass out in a coma any day now. So I want to rule out the option of possible hyperthyroid. I read that fatigue is a side effect of hyperthyroid but Doesn't that accompany extreme bouts of energy. I have NO energy but my TSH is 0.01 and my T3 is high. I am currently taking 100mcgs of syntroid.

Below is a list of symptoms:

1) When I'm at my worst point my T3 and T4 are high normal, TSH is slightly below normal. I'm afraid to bring them down to normal range for fear of being bed ridden

* extreme fatigue all day, I drift in and out of tired spells every other hour, during a spell it is very hard to accomplish anything, I have to lay down and close my eyes, lower back pain, I get very dizzy and feel like I'm going to pass out
* when awoken early from sleep or when I do not get a complete 8 hours I'm so tired that I feel dizzy, nausiated and I have to call out of work
* brain fog
* on weekends I often sleep for 12 hours a night, sometimes 14, one time 16, or 9-10 hours every night until I raise my medicine
* puffy eyes
* and symptoms metioned below

2) When I feel somewhat better my thyroid hormone levels are high and my TSH is almost 0

* extreme fatigue after large meal, 2-3 tired spells during the day that last about 1 hour, mornings are tough, but I have more energy before bedtime
* during a low spell my lower back pain increases and I feel like I have taken sleep medication, I get very dizzy
* constant thirst especialy at night and during sleep, I will drink an entire bottle of water from the point that I lay down until morning unless I eat right before bed (low blood sugar?)
* frequent urination throughout the day, mosty once an hour, but when under stress or a panic attack my thirst increases and I will urinate every 20 mintutes (I've never had any bladder infections) (low sodium?)
* sometimes if I don't get 8 hours of sleep then I experience extreme fatigue, floating sensations, dizzy, nausia, slurred speech, it's as if I'm sleep walking, it's like my brain decides that its time to sleep when I'm out in public. But then some days I'm ok without 8 hours of sleep
* trouble falling asleep when under pressure, trouble staying asleep when excited or stressed but need 8 hours or fatigue is much worse
* cold hands, cold intorelance, when hot I sweat easily, trouble maintaning comfortable temperature
* sensitive to light/wear sunglasses on cloudy days
* easily startled. I jump every time the phone rings
* peroidically I completely lose ability to focus on near objects, even though I normaly see 20/20
* inability to digest any food additives, 100% natural or my stomach swells so tight that I can't finish my meal and sometimes regurgitate foam, the same thing happens with milk and eggs.
* I used to walk or rollerblade every other day but now my legs get sore and weak

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