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Re: hyperthyroid or adrenal fatigue? (caution-long post)


I am hypo with adrenal fatigue, actually I think I am full blown Addison's just never been properly diagnosed. Many of your symptoms scream adrenal problems. I would definitely get a 24 hr saliva test done if possible, endo's don't usually do them or buy into the whole adrenal issue. Without enough cortisol the thyroid meds you are taking can't properly do their job. The thyroid hormone will just pool in your blood showing high or high normal labs when in all reality you are still hypo. You also need your Aldosterone tested, the thirst and frequent urinating can be from a low level.

You might want to check out the Addison's board here as you might get more helpful info relating to adrenals on that forum. Good luck, it's a rough ride when you have both adrenals and thyroid rocking your world.