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Re: Test negative, symptom positive, diagnosis brushed off.

I'm no longer on any sort of medical insurance coverage since my divorce- everything is out of pocket at this point, and my pockets are turned out with moth-holes and lint as the only features discernible (and the collectors would be happy to get the lint!). Kids are covered but I'm not. I'm kinda trying to wing it on my own, as far as managing my own health matters (not advisable, just necessary right now.) If I could afford a coke or snicker's bar once a week, maybe I wouldn't be stressed and flaring....

This latest flare up has my knickers in a twist. BF is confused, he's never been around me during a flare up and I didn't (out of fear of judgment) explain all of this when we first started dating. I can't explain it, really, since there's no concrete diagnosis! Most of ex husband's abuse was a 'reaction' to my 'laziness' and berating me for faking. That's no excuse for how I was treated but it certainly didn't help the relationship or help me heal! BF is thankfully nothing like my ex.

I tried while insured to get everything taken care of but kept getting stone-walled at every turn. Then, was symptom free for a good long while and just figured as long as I stayed active and minimized stress, I'd be ok. I guess I just had a lucky streak of good days. The past few months hasn't been easy on me and I've kind of let nutrition and activity levels drop, and am apparently suffering the consequences (?)

I don't qualify for disability even if I could or wanted to claim it or utilize a claim to it to get tested - not enough work history for SSI (son is on it for his disabilities, so I've done my research). Kind of leery of even attempting that route due to my volunteer work (can just see someone screaming 'fraud!' even with the variable nature of the symptoms.) But I'll keep those tests in mind for when I do finally get insurance again. Fingers crossed I won't need anything medical while I'm scrambling to get a job and coverage (that's like which came first, the chicken or the egg... need coverage to be well enough to work, need work for the coverage, ack!!)

Thanks again so much for the feedback and for reading. It's good to know I'm not imagining the similarities or unfounded in my concerns.

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