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Seeing Another Child Who You Think Is On The Spectrum...What to do?

I am a mom to autism. My son is very high functioning and is on a "typical" soccer team. No one knows his "issues" and I believe no one suspects. We are actually very private about it and some family doesn't even know. I have worked so hard with my son and just marvel at the things he has overcome. I am an advocate for autism, but not on a soap box because of the things that people say.....I am very protective of my son.

It seems when you are a parent to autism you can spot a child who is on the spectrum a mile away. Does anyone agree?

I believe the coach's son is on the spectrum. I don't think he has been diagnosed just based on his parent's conversations. I know that he is in a mainstream class and does not receive services. This boy is seven. He stims with hand flapping and vocal noises. He has difficulty following his father's directions on the field. He is usually not part of the team and in his own world. He is their only child and this is his first season playing a sport.

I know that because I am so private and protective that I would probably be offended if someone came up to me and asked me if I knew what autism was and told me that they felt my son should be evaluated, but then what if I didn't realize it and my son missed out on valuable therapy that would help him.....all because no one spoke up for him when I didn't know to. I would be so crushed.

I am torn.

What would you all do????

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