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Re: Seeing Another Child Who You Think Is On The Spectrum...What to do?

I agree about being to spot a child or person a mile away. After my son was diagnosed and found out more about it....What I really hate, I have seen a few shows, I think Law and Order was one of them, had a person who was the criminal with aspergers was the "the bad guy"....Of course I recognized that the charactor was being played w/aspergers and thought, oh no I hope this charactor is not going to be villian, but of course. What a terrible stigma that could cause...shoulda wrote a letter.

Regarding speaking with the coach. I have found that saying something first about your son may be the best approach. You need to find a way to go about it indirectly and see what his response is. You may be surprised, maybe he has been wanting to say something to you but didn't know how to approach the subject. You may could say something like, he has trouble sometimes at school keeping organized and gets some help from the school with that. That may open the door. I have found alot of people in the same boat (parent of Aspergers) as me and now have a small network of friends that can lend an ear and help overcome problems that may come up. You may be surprised at how many of "us" there are out there.