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Update on today's app with Neurologist

I read all your posts regarding my ON diagnoses.

I had today App with Neurologist which my eye MD made for me yesterday.
As you remember I was diagnosed yesterday with ON and my eye Dr got very concern since I am very symptomatic for MS.

My app with Neurologist was about one hour; she gave me a very good evaluation and asked million of questions regarding family history, my symptoms, etc.

I also had my MRI today, results will be tomorrow.

She told me that no need for spinal tab if MRI shows or doesn't show anything (in my case especially).

She said that 95% MS cases showed on MRI. If MRI is perfectly fine, most likely patient doesn't have MS, MRI is still the most accurate test to diagnose MS.
Also she said that people whose back was ever injured or operated on (mine was twice), had meningities, a real flu (not just a common cold or a virus), had Lyme desiase, and some other serious viruses/desiases - spinal liquid will never show a clear picture no matter what. It will not be an accurate test since spinal liquid gets affected by what I mentioned above, according to Neurologist.

So she said if MRI will show nothing to worry about, it means no other tests can be performed (except a lots of blood work for Lupus included just to be on safe side) since my spinal fluid is affected by 2 spinal fusions, that is why i can't be diagnosed by spinal tab.

Even though I got ON, does not mean I got MS too. She said about 70% of MS patients have ON also. I hope I will be in 30% left.

I am very symptomatic according to her, and not for anything but she would be very suprised if she will not see any changes on my MRI. She said that not many people have so many symptoms like I do who confirmed already having MS. She checked my signs by touching and "hitting" my skin and some joints with her "tools" but did not see any responds from my knees, wrists and ancles. I believe it calls motor function. It was suprising to her how do I walk and how do I put pressure on such weak legs and feet. My righ leg, hand, arm and foot is the worse she seen in years.

Well... thank you for letting me to vent. Will see next week what is going on.
I got some hope since she said that even so symptomatic I still have 30% not to be an MS patient. Good news, is in it?

I read on one website last night that many people get wrong diagnoses and years after non-needed treatments when they go for second opinion or by accident, they get the news - they have never had MS.

I asked her today how come this can happen. She said that it has to be a Neurologist who really specializes in MS to be able to diagnose a person with it; that unfortunatelly many people have been diagnosed with MS with perfectly fine MRI. She said it always causes suspesion on her part. Usually if she gets patients who come to her from other DRs and their diagnoses were made just on what patient complains about, but not what tests and evaluation show - she usually sends them to have another MRI and if comes out without any problems, she suggests to have a third opinion.

She said that non of her patients were ever prescribed any medicine if diagnoses of MS were not confirmed by MRI of their complete spine and where else lesions can be found.

Thank you again and I will keep you posted. I am not worry because I have and had many other health issues in my life much worse than MS, but just wonder; this diagnoses of ON scared me to tell you the truth

All the best to all of you!

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