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Re: Seeing Another Child Who You Think Is On The Spectrum...What to do?

I agree with all the people who said talking about your own son (and maybe outlaying some of the signs and symptoms that you feel correlate with his own child) might get your coach's mind working. As you already realise, it's not your place to tell someone their child has autism.

I have a friend whose son I am positive has ASD, have thought so for the last 6 years but would never say anything. Another mutual friend of ours had a child who was having tests for all sorts at one stage and she was listing some of the autism signs one day and the other friend's mother said 'oh, that sounds a bit like Jack, but I'd rather not put a label on him'. So they haven't put a label on him but I'm sure they see something. And now this child is 12 and has just had a story published in a kids charity book and was in the local paper yesterday. But his father is still waiting for him to score a goal at soccer - which he may never do - and said to my son last week 'can you teach Jack how to score a goal?' If I'd thought a bit faster I would have turned around and said, 'only if Jack can teach Tom (my son) how to write poetry and be published!' That's off the track but thought I'd share that one. Jack has been in the soccer team for three years. He's not their strongest player but all the other kids love him and have been extremely supportive. And he's got a massive amount of self confidence.