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Re: Topamax, hairloss, confusion, B12 - related?

Interesting - thanks for your input. I haven't repeated my B12 level yet, (I will in July) but I do see a difference in my cognitive ability since taking the 1000 mcg daily. I'm actually able to read (and follow) a 400 page book, whereas I couldn't even comprehend a newpaper article before, so I know it's working.

As for the hairloss, it's too early to tell. It's still coming out and I'm pretty concerned. Thankfully, my hair is very long, but thinning out pretty quickly.

I know I have some type of autoimmune anemia. I make enough iron, my body is not just absorbing that the same thing as what you described?

Knowing that the weight does come back after coming off the Topamax is enough to keep me on this medication for the time being. Did you go off of it because of the vision problems?