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Re: Seeing Another Child Who You Think Is On The Spectrum...What to do?

Since you are so private with your son, maybe this coach and wife are also private...Perhaps he gets therapy and they just don't talk about it! You cannot know everything.

They want him to have as many sensory experiences as possible. I would not say one word-- unless you want to tell coach that your own son is on the spectrum and he has been in therapy for x number of years -- I doubt if you want to do that since not talking about it is working well for your son.

Also, you should not presume to diagnose another child --You can never be sure what is actually afflicting a child. Stimming may or may not be because of ASD.

As others have said, talking about your own son FIRST is the only approach that seems appropriate.

One pediatrician who specializes in RSV and it's lingering affects and 2 therapists have said labeling is counter productive except for insurance coverage.
Once the label is there it sticks and changes people's behavior toward your child. And many children "come out of it" especially children who are not autistic but just SID. they learn to deal with their sensory issues and a label is not appropriate in any way.

Many children have different neurological issues and they learn to manage these thru therapy and the maturation of the brain.
this family has chosen to remain private and I would respect that.

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