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Re: Pancreatic cancer stage 4

Me being the hypo that I paranoid I have it too. Have had left sided stomach pain (about 3 inches left of my belly button) for a week (dull constant pain) feel it in my back too. I had the same thing, same place 1.5 yrs ago and went to the dr about it....they did not do any testing (just my overies) and after a wk it went away. Every now and then for the past yrs I get a very sharp pain there, it hurt so bad that the first time I went to the ER--over the past yr when I get the sharp pain it seems to be during or after a BM (sorry for the TMI). Now I am scared I have it too. Have been tired and losing weight though that could be from the stress of all of my dads illness.
So now I am going to get an ab ultra sound next week and pray I do not have it as well.