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Re: TESTIS shrunk...HELP!!!!!

Originally Posted by strider_052 View Post 21year old n i feel that my testis shrunk n i think it is due to frequent erection is fine....i never had done sex....kindly help me plzzzz....i feel shy to consult to a DOC.....
The average testicle is a around 2.5" long x 1" across; give or take 20%. Are yours signficantly smaller than that?

The real question is: are your testicles soft and mushy or are they fairly firm. When you roll your testicle it should be quite firm but of course you can squeeze it a bit but you met considerable resistance fairly quickly. If they are soft and mushy then you have a hormone problem, otherwise you are normal. Behind each testicle is a softer bag that holds the mature sperm, it is soft and mushy but gets firmer as it fills with sperm or fluid when you near ejaculation; this is normal.

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