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Angry Can ANYONE share a SUCCESS story about IBS???? Please!!

I've becomed so discouraged lately. I suffered with IBS for almost 10 years I know many of you all have too. I've read oodles of advice and I've tried four hundred different RXs, OTCs, herbal remedies and this and that and the other...again as all of you have too. I thought I could actually share a success story about 3 weeks ago...I had a good combo of meds and fiber going on and things were so good for about a month! with no obvious reason whatsoever things are absolutley awful again....and nothing seems to change it or make it better or have any effect at all!

HAS ANYONE EVER CONQUERED IBS? IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE? Has anyone tried something and honostly been able to say, "that really worked!"

The thought of living this way for the rest of my life makes me sick to my makes me want to break down and bawl my eyes out.

I'm sorry that I sound so negative...but I'm so tired of false hopes. It's hard not to get into an emotional "funk" when your body is in a constant physical "funk"-it's just so hard to stay optimistic (of course I realize that IBS is directly related to your emotions and your I'm not helping my self by being so upset- but I figure I feel physically awful anyway...I might as well take this opportunity to feel mentally awful)

I'm sure I'll have a brighter outlook tomorrow....thanks for letting me vent. I'd appreciate any responses-(even if you want to tell me to shut up and stop feeling sorry for myself!)

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