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Yes. Just to give you some hope and an uplift while you are feeling so down, I could be one of the success stories. I am symptom free if that counts and what I used really worked for me, although it may not for everyone.

Also, a good cry now and again can do you a lot of good and it is a lot better to let your emotions out than to suppress them, as this can lead to lots more problems. If you swallow your anger and grief rather than letting them out, they can in themselves cause stomach problems.

I had stomach problems myself for a long time and went to see my doc and was given Colofac, and various other meds for stomach cramps, with Codeine for very severe stomach pains with diarrhea and also Amytryptylline for depression. I did ok on this for a little while, but felt very drugged most of the time. About 18 months ago, I hit a crisis when I returned from France and was really sick with a very bad stomach and hives. I then started to look at my diet and did a full detox after this and then radically changed it and I slowly began to feel better. I had also had acupuncture before, so went to see my acupuncturist for treatment and this really helped with my stomach pain. I then decided to try some herbs, but unfortunately, these did nothing for me whatsoever. It was not until I started treatment with homeopathy that I finally noticed an improvement. Lots of people confuse herbal medicine and homeopathy, however, homeopathy is different and is not the same as herbs at all - they are totally different and work on different principles. The homeopathy had a profound effect on me and allowed me to let go of a lot of anger and grief that I had stored up and never let out from years ago. It was a slow process with a lot of layers needing to be unravelled, but now, I am well, with no stomach pains or diarrhea and I feel better than I have done in years. I am still careful with my diet though and eat sensibly and I still have regular top ups with either homepathy or acupuncture.

So, this is true and homeopathy and acupuncture do work, so it is well worth looking into the alternatives generally. Even if herbs do not work for you there are lots more alternatives out there that might, you just need to find one and experiement a little until you find one that does.

Also, if you have been unwell for 10 years, then don't expect to feel better and wonderful overnight, because it just aint going to happen that way. It will take time.

Anyway, don't give up hope. There is something out there for you that will work, however, you just have to find it. In the meantime though, go and have a good cry and let everything out and I think that you may begin to feel a lot better.

Take care and good luck