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I agree with what Sarah says. However, I know nothing about homeopathy, so I'm one of those ignorants who was confusing it with herbal medicine/New Age stuff. Sorry about that Sarah.

Hey dmbfan - vent all you want. Venting on this board and sharing my stories with others and having them share with me has been so comforting to me, and really helped me a lot. IBS is no picnic, and it's important to know that you have support here.

Do I believe that IBS can be cured? No - but I tend to be a pessimist. Do I think symptoms can be controlled? Yes, I'm a success story in that. I still have IBS-D, but since starting Colestid my life is so much better now. Before I found this board, I was close to suicidal because I felt I couldn't live with IBS and the frustration of it for the next 40+ years. But with this board and reading others' stories similar to mine, I started to take control. Because of this board, I started taking calcium supplements, increased my fiber, and started taking acidophilus. Did it help? Somewhat, but I still needed the Colestid.

I still get cramps, bloating, and gas from IBS, but I can live with that. I'm sure there are others out there who may think I'm whacked, but everyone has the right to their opinion here. Just like I don't think my fibromyalgia will ever go away entirely, I don't believe my IBS will either. But I accept who I am, and the chronic pain I live with, and still try to find the positives in every day.

I write this now with significant pain and stiffness today, wishing I could have stayed in bed, taken my muscle relaxers and slept a beautiful day away. But I won't - I think with a chronic condition like IBS and FM, you have to get up every day and go on. Some days will just be harder to deal with than others. It makes the good days that much better.

Don't let IBS defeat you - you are not IBS; you are much more than that. Chronic conditions can be depressing and aggrevating, but please know that we all care about you, and that in itself should give you the strength to hang in there. Maybe someday, a "cure" for IBS will be found; in the meantime, find something good every day to be thankful for, and don't beat yourself up if you get down. We all have our burdens to bear, and just by posting on this board, you're helping others to bear theirs.

I send good wishes for you today and every day,
Katie G