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Originally Posted by feelbad View Post
just EXACTLY how did that ball hit,straight on or did it kind of come 'down' into or onto your mouth,or upwards from beneath? was it from a hit or a throw(one would have much more velocity than the other)? this all kind of matters from a mechanisim of injury standpoint. were you at least checked out by a doc at an ER or anything? **
Thanks for the reply.

I was playing catch with my friend. We are about 15 feet apart. Again he didnt whip the ball or anything. It was a real baseball. He threw it casually but I missed it and it hit me on the left side of my mouth, slightly above the lip. This happened about a week ago.

I havent been checked out by the doctor. There really wasnt any need.

Aside from bruising on my lip there really werent any symptoms.

Now I am really starting to worry. Could something as minor as this cause a brain injury?

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