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Re: Head Trauma

In retrospect, I've seen guys get hit much harder than what I endured. Much harder. I mean the ball was tossed, it wasnt beamed. I would say it was at a much lower velocity than a punch.

Could this all by caused by my fear? I really dont even know what my symptoms are? I am a hypochondriac, so could I be showing signs of fear?

After getting hit, the only thing on my mind was my swollen lip. This happaned 12 days ago.

These are the symptoms of a person with head trauma. I dont have any of them. Should I go to a doctor and get checked out?

Loss of consciousness, confusion, or drowsiness
Low breathing rate or drop in blood pressure
Fracture in the skull or face, facial bruising, swelling at the site of the injury, or scalp wound
Fluid drainage from nose, mouth, or ears (may be clear or bloody)
Severe headache
Initial improvement followed by worsening symptoms
Irritability (especially in children), personality changes, or unusual behavior
Restlessness, clumsiness, lack of coordination
Slurred speech or blurred vision
Inability to move one or more limbs
Stiff neck or vomiting
Pupil changes
Inability to hear, see, taste, or smell

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