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Re: Trigeminal Neuralgia

Hi Jill

I am sorry to hear that you suffer with Trigeminal Neuralgia. I was recently diagnosed, and it is truly the worst pain imaginable.

I take Gabapentin (900mg 3x daily) have tried amitryptiline but hate how drowsy it makes me on top of the gabapentin. I use Percocet 10/325 for pain, I don;t think it stops the pain, but certainly makes it more tolerable. My Doctor tried Oxycontin but I really couldn't handle that along with the gabapentin and amitryptiline (as well as a beta blocker for HBP) so I just use the Percocet. Recently, my Dr gave me samples of the Lidoderm patch, I cut them into strips and put them along the cheekbone and over my eye. I have used Licocaine spray on my scalp when I get scalp tenderness too. When one of my teeth "acts up" I cover a q-tip in oraljel and place in on the tooth. My Doctor gave me some capsacian cream but I have not tried it yet - I have heard other people get good results with it.

How about you? what meds have you tried?

Isn't it rough, having an illness that is pretty rare - people often do not understand the pain. I have yet to actually "meet" someone who has TN, although there are a couple of good sites on the internet where I have "met" fellow sufferers.

Good luck to you